Who are we?

We are Aceadil Logistics Services

A premier logistics and courier service. Our expertise in package delivery, using only quality carriers, means you get the best service levels and timely deliveries.

  • Provide clients with the best services available.
  • Provide our employees with the best working environment.
  • Constantly improving to maintain high standards.
  • Always on time.
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Why choose Us

Simply because we offer the best services. We are your one stop shop for ALL of your courier needs. Whenever you need us, we are available 24/7 to ensure your deliveries are always on time.

World Coverage

Global coverage in more than 50 countries in 6 continents

Strong Security

Guaranteed safety of all shipped products.

Express Solution

More flexibility especially during peak shipping seasons.

Services We Provide?

We provide the best services to get your packages to you in the shortest time possible. Sea, Air, Rail and Water.

Air Freight

The Sky's the Limit. Working with carefully selected carriers, we operate with schedules on all the world’s major routes so you can plan with certainty and become more efficient. We offer a range of highly flexible products which allow a choice of delivery speeds to best suit your requirements.

Ocean Freight

The World is Your Oyster. With our broad product range we cover different equipment types and consolidation services to ensure your cargo reaches the right place, at the right time in a cost-efficient way. In order to deliver highest reliability we have planned space protection from every major container port in the world.

Road Frieght

Our Road Freight Products offer high quality road transportation, from standard services such as LTL (Less-than-Truck Load), PTL (Part) or FTL (Full-Truck Load) shipments to temperature controlled and highly secured transports.


We streamline our transport products with warehousing to assist you in meeting your in-transit storage requirements, efficiently and cost effectively.


At Aceadil Logistics Services we understand that safe packaging is imperative to the swift delivery of your shipment. Therefore we have designed a new range of Aceadil Logistics Services packaging boxes to suit your needs and handle your shipment with utmost care. We make a wide variety of packing solutions available, from heavy materials to fragile items such as mobiles and laptop boxes etc.

Cargo clearance

Our licensed, customs compliance experts are part of a larger team that's been successfully providing transportation and logistics solutions for well over 25 years ensuring you always have access to knowledgeable resources adept in industry best-practices. We've built our reputation on providing customized, efficient and detailed customs clearance services with a transparency that ensures our partnership endures for the future.


Quality and good logistics performance at the right price!

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