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Cheap and affordable for you and your business

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We are on time all the time. Refunds are available

Location Friendly

Shipping to all locations near you


Standby customer care team


25+ years of experience in Courier Services

25+ years of experience in the courier business. Cutting across over 50 countries and 200 languages, we can get your package to any location in the world


Fast Delivery

We have a need for speed,dosen't matter where the destination is,we get it there in no time.

Secured Services

Security is our number one priority. we work with the latest tracking technology to maintain the safty of packages.

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Trusted by over 50 countries worldwide

We have our accreditation in the smiling faces of the customers we serve. Over 50 thousand packages sent daily.

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Why choose Us?

Simply because we offer the best services. We are your one stop shop for ALL of your courier needs. Whenever you need us, we are available 24/7 to ensure your deliveries are always on time.

Payment Options

100% safe and secure payment methods

Legal Compliance

Fully compliant to international shipping legislature

Freight Transportation

Air, Road, Railway and Sea freight all available

Strong Security

Guaranteed safety of all shipped products.


Competitive Commissions

Best commission rates available.

World Coverage

Global coverage in more than 50 countries in 6 continents

Express Solution

More flexibility especially during peak shipping seasons.

Priority Service

Urgent or valuable shipment? Our Priority Service is here to oversee the delivery from start to finish.


Fast and reliable delivery service that meet your timeline and budget


Ship your products to over 6 continents at affordable prices. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, with the most reliable package security. get started


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Over a thousand orders per day but we are still on time. How do we do it?

Tianjin Port Came to a Halt after Explosions

At least 17 people are killed and hundreds injured, state media report, as huge explosions rock the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin.

Face the challenges of chain complexity.

How to move a machine that is 33m long, 15m wide and 18m high? BestLogistics' Project Logistics team knows the drill.